Donau´s Journey explanations. Squares #2, #3, #4, #7 and #8.

Squares #2, #3, #7 and #8 are related iconic places in my travels.

Square #2 shows Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. I made them with a bridge shape in order to allow the river pass through them. Number 2 is linked to gestation and preparation, that's why an egg is waiting there in the beginning of the journey.

Square #3 is dedicated to my all time favorite island: Aitutaki, in Cook Islands, South Pacific. It has triangle shape (number 3) and it's an absolutely amazing place. Here a couple of photos I took there together with a photo from the air.
Photo from Google

Square #4 is dedicated to the power and material wealth, same as in card number IIII in Tarot. 
It's the representation of stability like the four legs in a table. A king shows the ambition for power and appearance. He looks back and we can't expect anything new or innovation from him. Red shoes are stylish Stilettos in this case, but clothes don't change the inner essence: Rotten meats of an human with costume to create an illusion of respect.
Square #7 is related to travels and, why not, old travels atmosphere. 

Square #8 contains many numbers 8, that's the Everest (8848 m high). The top of the world. I can see myself walking from the Base Camp at 5200 m high to some kilometers ahead. I can't imagine how is the feeling when climb much higher. Incredible place.
Life is itself a journey and places are just temporary scenarios.

Simple writing tools

Back to simple tools: Pencil and paper. I really love this verge paper texture and cream color. For me it provides the perfect atmosphere for writing.

Many times I was worried about waterproof inks or whatever archival quality tools and at the end nothing can beat basic pencils. Keeping the control and feeling the touch is very important.


Donau´s Journey explanations. Geometric links

The whole painting is one thing, this is one of the main ideas behind the project. Universe is one single entity and everything in the Cosmos keep internal links with each other. Nothing is isolated. One way to show that is the creation of references which can be found here and there.

It's easy to read the word "REF" on the Rotring tool I used to draw everything.

That's a geometric reference which links many items. All these things keep the same length:


Donau´s Journey explanations. Jellyfish sequences

There are 13 jellyfish in this little universe. They are elegant, cute and polite, wearing green and orange color.
Each color creates a sequence based in their square numbers.
Green: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50 and 59.
Orange: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 and 54.

The numbers of each sequence can be reduced to the same one digit:
5 for green: 5, 1+4=5, 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5+0=5, 5+9=14->1+4=5.
9 for orange: 9, 1+8=9, 2+7=9, 3+6=9, 4+5=9, 5+4=9.

5 and 9 are special numbers with strong links to some cultures.

In the traditional board game of the goose if a player lands on a goose square after throw the dice, he jumps to the next goose and throw the dice again. Here we have jellyfish instead gooses but I've kept the numerology behind them.


Donau's Journey explanations. The traveler

I'd like to explain some details about the project Donau's Journey. It's not an easy task since it hides many messages in several levels and also contains personal information. I will elaborate separated posts with explanations.

Let's start by the beginning.

The traveller starts his journey in box #1. Apparently he has a physical body but he doesn't know his origin or any meaning related to his existence. He is just and AUTOMATON (I love this word).

This corner is dedicated to biological beings. We all are created and ruled by DNA. Incredible vegetal life, fascinating animals and more creatures will follow the evolution according to the code.

He uses the same body position than Le Mat in Tarot cards, with same red shoes and a stick pointing to Le monde (card XXI, The World). 

Nowadays the world is bigger and bigger so his stick points to the known universe shown in #21.
He walks forward knowing nothing but with great intuition. Red shoes will guide him along the river in this magical an unique journey, which is the journey of life, the journey of all of us.


Donau's Journey prints for sale

Donau's Journey (El viaje de Donau) is the travel of the wise river and also the travel of all our lives. From the biologically birth to the sea with a lot of surprises in the way. It has the Game of the Goose shape but it's more than a board game. I used thay structure as a base for numerology, links between squares and relations in everywhere. And it can be used for play as well!

Endless quantity of details waiting to be discovered, ones more hidden than others. Maybe you can feel yourself the meaning of each square. A quite personal project and at the same time an explanation of my vision of the Cosmos.

I will explain details in the next future.

"The top artistic aspiration is the creation of a own universe with own aesthetic, symbology and ideas."

I saw and admired a version by Rafael Alberti in Reina Sofía museum many years ago. I've always wanted to do something similar and finally I started to put ideas together on April 2016. This new creation was growing quite fast and huge quantity of inspiration came day and night. I was full focused on this project during April and May 2017 in order to complete it. I was too immersed in this fascinating and crazy river. Now, June 2017, it's completed!

It was done using mainly Rotring Isograph with Rotring ink and watercolors for the drawings. Also pencils for some details. Fountain pen for the text. Of course all manual. No tech applied.


Print tests were handled quite fast and magically I had many copies in my hands.
Very happy with the result in these big dimension prints.
Size 63 x 63 cm (24.8 x 24.8 inches)
Paper 135 g/m2. Offset print
Spanish language
Every print is manually signed

Worldwide shipping
Shippings on Tuesdays and Fridays
Delivery in paperboard tubes 75 cm long

Final price: 70 EUR
Shipping and taxes included

Paypal payment. To be confirmed later in the next step:

Please send me an email for any question: naranjacorreo@gmail.com
Many thanks for reading this page.


Bitcoin accepted

Let's support Bitcoin and Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin will be accepted for the purchases from now on. And also Litecoin!


Fully digitalized

I can't believe I can say it! Two days ago I completed this project. It was starting to go too crazy because during several hours every day I was full focused on it. It invaded my mind so deeply it visited me during nights and dreams too.

More details soon.


Inks in use

These are the inks I'm using currently. There were chosen in order to match with my notebook style. After years I manage to use them properly and find myself confortable with these tones. My fountain pens love them.

However they are not waterproof and I wonder if I could find similar colors in waterproof brands. Soon I will post a video testing these ink with water. Horrible results.

My atelier is the real world

My current notebook together with the last one.

One of the great points of keeping a notebook is the portability. I don't need a wardrobe full of writing tools, big easel or a studio. I can write in a terrace, in a mountain, in the bed and in the train. But nor under the rain.

My atelier is the real world.


2050. Asteroid Museum

In 2050, 30 years after its discovery, the mysterious half-carved stone was taken from its far orbit and brought to the Earth. Even the wisest still don’t know if it’s a product of nature or alien made. Is nature able to create this smooth surface and regular shape? Obviously yes, and even more complex geometries we can find in Earth. Nobody can imagine what's outside. However something else was carved on this asteroid. Maybe random. Biologists, religious and philosophers debate about the weird symbols found on the surface:

1.) A triangle.
2.) our rods with look like a four digits abacus.
3.) A kind of stain.

But I can find a link...


Proposal of modification for Sevilla

I've heard there are not 7 Eleven in Sevilla. I can't imagine that kind of nonsense life with 7 Elevens nearby. Therefore I suggest opening the first one in the most recognized building in the city, La Giralda.

Just minor modifications. It's time now since the last one were some centuries ago. They will love it.